Ben's Artemis Mod 4.3.11, The "Achilles Heel" update

Released September 9th, 2019

Installing Ben's Artemis Mod

  1. All operations are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common
  2. Copy Artemis folder
  3. Rename to "Artemis Ben"
  4. Right click on Download Ben's Mod and Save Link As
  5. Save in "Artemis Ben"
  6. Unzip the file.
  7. Right click on Artemis.exe ==> Send To ==> Desktop
  8. Rename the shortcut to Ben Artemis

Your Artemis folder may be in a different location.

Ben's Mod Guide

Artemis Resources

What's new in the latest mod?

  • New Achilles shieldless overpowered Corvette introduced
  • Pioneer Science Vessel Fixed
  • Balanced Corvette (aka Scout) Fixed